Copy Chats

Sarah Cook

“So Sarah, what’s a Copy Chat?”

Well,  I’ll tell you what it’s not.

  • It’s not a sales webinar to showcase people who made millions of dollars because they bought my stuff (ugh…it might be an effective sales tactic but is just not my style).
  • It’s not an excuse to tell the kids you have an important meeting and then hide behind closed doors texting and watching reels (No judgment here—you can totally close the office door, but a Copy Chat is way better than reels).
  • It’s not a mind-numbing presentation of bullet points from 180 PowerPoint slides (omg…does anybody actually ever get through those?)

“Not what I asked Sarah. What IS a Copy Chat?”

Okay fine. Here’s what a Copy Chat is.

  • It’s a casual and interactive Zoom meeting you can join with your camera and microphone ON (or if you’d rather silently banter with everyone in the chat, that’s totally cool too).
  • It’s how-to’s, actionable ideas, and a chance to pick my brain. We’ll chat about content creation, high-converting websites, freebie funnels, sales pages, email campaigns, and all things related to marketing copy (h-hmmm….hence the name).
  • It’s totally free and never longer than 30 minutes. Copy Chats are only open to my email subscribers and (get this) always end with a bonus to thank you for surviving a full 30 minutes with me in control of the mic.


Sales Pages: Long or Short?

Ever wonder if your sales page should have 4 sections or 14? We’ll break down the different sales page styles so you know which to use for your next offer.

Survive to the end bonus:

2 Sales Page Templates!!!

Mark your calendar:

Friday February 4th (9am PST/12pm EST)
(no recording—gotta show up live)

I’ll email you the link to join

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image of a Zoom meeting

There are a few more details you should know.

  • Every Copy Chat will have a specific and focused topic.
  • I’ll give some background info for about 20 minutes.
  • We’ll open it up to Q&A and discussion for 10 minutes.
  • Stay to the end and get a free bonus EVERY TIME.
  • There is no recording. You gotta show up live to get the goods.
  • There is no registration required. Just click the link at the right time, and you’re in.
  • If you get my weekly emails, you’ll get the link to join the next Copy Chat.
  • If you don’t get my weekly emails, what are you waiting for? (pro tip—sign up here)

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